–> POWERleap

Capture energy from footsteps to generate usable, local electricity!

In April 2012, IDEAS officially partnered with PowerLeap, Inc, a clean-tech product company brining cutting-edge energy technologies to market. We are working together to help universities incorporate PowerLeap’s technologies and helping to reduce energy throughout our campus buildings. 


Each step generates 5W-seconds of energy that can be stored and used to offset power consumption of local devices like LED or electroluminescent fixtures, electronic displays, information kiosks, and cell phone charging stations.

In a day of growing urban population, PowerFloor is a no brainer for high-traffic urban environments where PowerFloor can generate kWh per day!

  • Sports Stadiums
  • Airports
  • Shopping Malls
  • Universities
  • Train stations

PowerFloor can be integrated into walkways, elevators, shopping aisles, exercise rooms and more. You imagine it, we can do it! We customize each installation to meet the needs of our clients and impress their participants!



SmartFloor’s core technology is a thin-film piezoelectric device that harvests energy from occupant footfall to power wireless sensors that save energy and collect data! This self-powered wireless network and controls system solves many problems endemic to traditional wireless or tethered occupancy sensing systems including expensive battery cost and replacement time, cabling cost, poor accuracy, and lack of system integration capability. SmartFloor is the new frontier to sustainable development and the future of data.  Among some of the benefits to our end user are:

  • Save up to 50% on your energy bill
  • Integrate multiple Building Management Systems (BMS) with one product platform
  • Track data on occupant behaviors
  • Interact through digital media or Smart Phones
  • Expect a 3-5 year ROI
For anyone interested in learning more about discounted pricing, technology and application methods, please reach out to us at:  think@ideasforus.org

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