The Hive: Speakeasy For Innovation

'The Hive' logo and flyer design by: Stephanie Wrong

The Hive launches to Pollinate your IDEAS

‘IDEAS For Us’ is very excited to be launching a brand new initiative in Central Florida called “The HIVE: A Speakeasy for Innovation”

Each month, IDEAS will team up with our partners at Urban ReThink to host a Innovations Think/Do Tank aimed at bringing local chapters, students, professionals, community leaders and interested citizens together to develop community actions plans aimed at advance sustainability throughout Central Florida.

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On February 6th at 7:00pm EST, we will be hosting the inaugural event at UR in Orlando, Florida, discussing and inviting everyone in join in to pollinate YOUR IDEAS!

Please SHARE and Find out more info at the event page on FB:


What is “The Hive”?

In a time where everything is becoming virtual with a rise in Global challenges, we feel it is ever more important for people to continue connecting physically in meaningful settings like Urban Rethink to discuss, collaborate and implement solutions, with respect to sustainability.

In nature, Bees are known for their important role in pollination and for producing honey and beeswax. These are catalyst for life, helping to enable fertilization and reproduction of plants for our everyday life. Just as bees develop a ‘Hive’ to collectively create these essential products as a community, we envision using UR as “The Urban Hive” for community thinkers to develop sustainable solutions for local challenges with global resonance.

The Goal:
To coordinate monthly events hosted by IDEAS For Us that serve to provide the community with an inspirational ‘Hive’ of citizens interested in advancing sustainability throughout Orlando and Central Florida.

The Mission:

  • To create the ‘Speak Easy of Innovation’ and use Urban Rethink as a central hub for community leaders, students, professionals, thinkers, and change makers can conceptualize solutions.
  • To deliver a life-changing educational experience that illuminates Sustainable Development (SD); the Triple-bottom line (Social, Economic and Environmental); and the 5 Pillars of Sustainability: Energy, Water, Food, Waste and Ecology.
  • To facilitate the creation of sustainable impact through collaboration and community-based action projects

From monthly interactions at UR to action-based events in the community, we will curate an open-space where peer-driven learning, group think tanks sessions, and action mobilization merges to bring a broadened understanding of the world in the areas of Energy, Water, Food, Waste and Ecology, also known as the 5 Pillars of Sustainability.


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