GREENWAVES: Music & Arts Festival

GreenWaves: Music & Arts Festival Sparks a New Era of Sustainability for campuses and communities.

GreenWaves is an annual event started at the University of Central Florida by IDEAS Professional — Graham Penniman — that implements environmental and social “best practices” to promote the need for conscious sustainable solutions through community engagement with Music & Arts.

This will be an opportunity to experience exciting perspectives in a positively charged, entertaining atmosphere. GreenWaves promises to entertain, engage, inspire, and activate your mind. GreenWaves is committed to these best practices:

  • Use renewable energy sources
  • Resource Conservation
  • Waste diversion & Recycling
  • Alternative transportation / Electric Vehicle expo
  • Promote sustainable campus solutions
  • Local / Organic food
  • Support local sustainability related businesses and organizations
  • Live Art + Music

Additionally, our goal is to create long-term value for all guests, partners, volunteers, vendors, and affiliating organizations.

IDEAS UCF gets together at the GW III event in April 2012

GreenWaves supports system for all committing to the path of environmental stewardship, social equality, and economic prosperity. By hosting energizing musicians from multiple genres, we are inviting everyone to come ride the waves!

GreenWaves encourages fun, health, knowledge, respect, inclusion, and collaboration to unify YOUR campus community to cultivate a conscious network that shares resources, communicates intention, and celebrates sustainability.

UCF Art majors helped create interactive displays. Come balance the world and see how much #WASTE will equal you out!

Main event in the UCF arena brought over 7,000 students to Greenwaves III

For the third installment of GreenWaves at UCF, we took sustainability to the next level. We incorporated a POWERLeap dance floor, which utilizes “Piezo” flooring technology to convert the energy from the crowd into reusable energy for the concert.

For more information on how to bring GREENWAVES to your campus, email us at:

Bike-turbine competition for GreenWaves I in 2010, created by IDEAS UCF chapter R&D team!

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