Tailgate Recycling

Green Your Game

Throughout the Fall semester, colleges and universities across the nation get rowdy for the Football season.  From tailgating to after parties, the amount of waste generated — especially some of the largest universities in the nation — is unimaginable and completely unsustainable.

After surveying the tailgates at UCF and PSU, noticing the majority of the waste generated was aluminum cans, glass bottles, and paper; we decided to come together with a plan to minimize our universities impact on the environment.

The “Green Your Game” initiative is designed as a waste reduction plan for a home football game and a method to engage students through an initiative focused on reducing our environmental impact.  Other benefits include reporting the amount of waste generated and recycled throughout each game.

UCF chapter joins the SSA for a Green Your Game challenge in Fall 2009

Penn State sorts the recyclables after the Tailgate

UCF chapter representing ‘Green Your Game’

Waste to Recycling!

UCF students line up to receive a free shirt by Recycling 5 cans!

For more info on how to implement Tailgate Recycling on your campus, contact us at:


One response to “Tailgate Recycling

  1. Great information about recycling.

    A fun recycling graphic just came through my twitter feed that I thought you might like.


    Thanks again for the great recycling info.

    Bre Matthews
    4th Grade Teacher
    Wake County School District

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