Kill-a-Watt Energy Challenge

This initiative is designed to help universities reduce energy consumption, save $$$, and better their environmental quality by engaging on-campus students in energy conservations programs. Residents in each hall will competed against other buildings to reduce their electrical consumption by the greatest percentage. The savings are compared to a baseline average of that building’s energy consumption from previous years.

Throughout the competition, students attending “Educational Seminars” learn about the impacts we make and the low-hanging fruit behavior modifications that can lead to great savings. Students attending are eligible for scholarships and Free give-a-ways that help to stimulate reinforcement of good energy conservation practices and understanding the need to conserve resources.

The competition winners are broken down by: Building, Resident Assistant (RA), and Students.

2009 – 2011 Kill-a-Watt Challenge at UCF
2010 Kill-a-Watt Challenge at FIU
2010 Kill-a-Watt Challenge at UM
2011 Kill-a-Watt Challenge at University of Michigan 

Spotlight: 2010 Kill-A-Watt Challenge at FIU!

In 2 months, you all helped save $21,000+ in energy savings!
Below is a breakdown of the winners and what they will be awarded. For those awarded the Grand Prize Arcalux Scholarship, your check should be available sometime this week. For those who were awarded the tuition scholarships, they should be transferred into your panther account this week if they have not already. In addition, winners were formally recognized at the Black Out/Green On party thrown for the winning building!

Kill-a-Watt at UCF. Spring 2010. U.S. Department of Energy (EERE)


** Winning Building ($800 Party): University Park Apartments

** RA Scholarships

Arcalux Grand Prize ($300) : Kaylyn Cardella (LVN)

2nd prize Tuition Scholarship ($150) : Dialita Desty (BVH)

3rd Prize Tuition Scholarship ($100)  : Rosenny Augustine (UPA)

** Student Scholarships

Arcalux Grand Prize ($200) : Alecia Vasciannie

2nd Prize Tuition Scholarship ($150) : Patricia Saint-Felix

3rd Prize Tuition Scholarship ($100) : Nicole Hoskens

All in all, the Miami chapter host over 8 educational seminars and gave out $3,000+ in scholarships to RA’s and residents.

Other Links:

Kill-a-Watt on the U.S. Department of Energy website 

– Kill-a-Watt in FIU newspaper

Thank you and Congratulations again.
Visit the Kill-a-Watt Facebook Page!

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