Summer 2011

IDEAS for Haiti, Prodev & the Voila Foundation

The first IDEAS for Haiti Initiative for 2011 began July 25th at the village of Zoranje Summer Camp. The environmental curriculum for all 72 students was put together by the IDEAS team and the local instructors.

The Initiative
For an hour and half each day, children learn about the benefits of and reasons for recycling while upcycling used bottles removed from the local ecosystem, and turning them into sculptures that are showcased to the community and placed around the village school for all to see.

The Zoranje School is an initiative of the Haitian NGO – PRODEV and the Zoranje summer camp programming is sponsored by Voila. The Voilà Foundation is committed to utilizing its resources to work on projects that will rebuild human and economic resources in ways that are scalable, durable, and far-reaching.

Keep a look for updates from IDEAS for Haiti leader, Viktor Elsaieh, as he continues to spread environmental awareness through creative projects in Haiti!

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