IDEAS For YWVS (Ghana)

Since our trip to Rio+20 UN Conference on Sustainable Development, IDEAS has been making connections with youth leaders around the World!

..Just recently, we’ve begun the process of creating an International partnership with “Youth With Vision Synergies (YWVS)” in GHANA, a youth-led community service organization focused on action for sustainable development!

The mission of YWVS is to empower young people through positive relationships while promoting excellence in mind (self esteem and self worth), body (image and nutrition) and spirit (our purpose in life) to render services for community development.

Matthew Yosah, President of YWVS, presents to a group in Ghana!

YWVS currently has two campus chapters, University For Development Studies and Tamale Polytechnic. They hope to get widely extended to other campuses, communities and schools as this collaboration comes to light.

IDEAS will be sharing best practices and working with YWVS to implement programs and initiatives that will help catalyze sustainable development, from the ground-up!

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