IDEAS for Costa Rica (GREEN)

IDEAS has been developing many initiatives in Costa Rica since the Beginning of 2011.  We’ve helped to send our members on a Work-study mission trip; Develop partners with GREEN (Global Renewable Energy Education Network); and are in the process of creating a partnership between Terra Firma Institute and the IDEAS School of Environmental Sustainability.


GREEN Costa Rica – Study Abroad Program

“GREEN provides a cutting-edge educational adventure experience to motivated students excited to explore   renewable energy and sustainability.”


  • 12 Days of Interactive Lectures
  • All Academic Necessities
  • Community Service Project Materials
  • 5 Exclusive renewable energy plant tours. (Geothermal, Bio-Cogeneration, Low-Pressure Hydroelectric, High Pressure Hydroelectric, Wind Energy, Solar Exhibit)


  • In-Country Health & Emergency Insurance including Medical Coverage
  • In-Country Transportation

All Inclusive


And More!

All inclusive

  • Letters of Recommendation, Participation, and Certificates for Personal Branding
  • Exclusive lifetime membership with the GREEN Alumni Network upon program completion
  • New friends and fond memories…
  • Once in a Lifetime Experience!!

For those interested in learning more about the GREEN Costa Rica program and IDEAS Discounted Rates, please email us at:


Work-Study Mission: Shayan Khatibi

In July 2011, Shayan Khatbiti, a UCF chapter alumni and biologist, stumbled on an incredible opportunity in Costa Rica that would create endless opportunities for the movement.

Over the next few months, Shayan will be working in Costa Rica with locals in the community to build a community-based program on a farm that will provide the people of the World with a study abroad experiential learning laboratory for urban agriculture, ecology and sustainability initiatives.


Tico Life 
by Shayan Khatibi

It’s almost been a week and I already feel like a Tico.  First off, I want to thank all of you, my friends and family, for all the support and help on making this journey possible.  I have already learned so much and feel at home with the locals here. They are hospitable and very accepting of a gringo wanting to meld with their culture.

To give ya’ll and IDEA, I’m in a rural farming town called Esperanzas which is adjacent to the larger hub city of San Isidro Perez Zeledon.  Along with two tico workers, I am care taking 45 acres of rolling hills which mainly consists of coffee, banana, oranges, and 10,000 trees planted for reforestation. Others include: starfruit, avocado, yucca, plantain, cacao, water apple, date palm, pineapple, coconut, lemon, mango….  The fruit is literally dripping from the tree’s and taste of such pure Earth. I have started planting one of the greenhouses which I hope will support my unrelenting appetite.  I have yet to fish the river but the locals tell me of rainbow trout and striped bass which i cant wait to taste. Anyways, I am blessed to be safe and healthy, I do really miss all of you!

IDEAS for Costa Rica

Stay tuned for more blogs from Shayan in Costa Rica as he builds the 2nd International chapter of IDEAS and gains incredible experience in Horticulture, Botany and Environmental Science!

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