2010 Winter Break Challenge

I.D.E.A.S. Winter Break Challenge – Final Verdict
January 9, 2011

As you all know, staying active over the winter break always seems to be a challenge for us environmentalist. I mean, who wants to get out and host an event when our relatives are stuffing food down our throats to make up for the semester away or even just wanting to enjoy a lazy weekday afternoon that seems nearly impossible when you’re back at school.

 So this year, IDEAS decided to switch things up… 

In an effort to continue our mission of educating, empowering, and engaging others in the environmental movement, IDEAS started the 2010 Winter Break Challenge; a competition that gave members the opportunity to go back for the Holidays and lead different initiatives. Here’s how it all breaks down:

The Purpose?? To practice sustainable habits outside of our chapters; have a chance to be a leader in your home town; continue to educate, engage, and empower others in the environmental movement!

 The Objective?? Collect as many points as you can by:


TAGGING IDEAS: Take a picture of an I.D.E.A.S. sticker or an image that reminds you of sustainability, send us your photo, and earn 5 POINTS each!  

HOST A CLEAN UP: Find a forest, lake, road, pond, etc. in your local area that needs attention, clean it up, and earn 10 POINTS!

DO IT IN THE DARK! : Get some friends together and host an “off the grid party!”  Start a bonfire, grab some tiki torches and earn 15 POINTS for throwing this event!


The Prize?? The winner receives a PAID TRIP to POWERSHIFT 2011 in WASHINGTON D.C. April 15st – 18th!!

 Final Numbers —-> After an incredible two weeks, IDEAS members went on to host:

  • 7 ecosystem clean-ups (Island, Beach, Road, Park)
  • 2 DO IT IN THE DARK / Off The Grid parties
  • 1 Bike rally
  • 1 Parade (2010 King Mango Strut with Sierra Club)
  • 15IDEAS Stickers in different locations!!


  1. Catie Pires-Fernandes – 45 points – WINNER!
  2. Brittany Nolan – 35 points
  3. Samantha Ruiz – 35 points
  4. Chris Castro – 35 points
  5. Chill Will – 25 points
  6. Sebastian Church – 25 points
  7. Jenna Jennings – 20 points
  8. Carlee Webb – 20 points
  9. Viktor El-saieh – 20 points
  10. Hank Harding – 10 points
  11. Chris Hallden – 5 points
  12. Zak Marimon – 5 points

Congratulation to Catie from UCF for your leadership as an environmental steward over the Winter Break! We look forward to having you on board for Powershift 2011 an we hope you stay connected as a leader at UCF this semester!

And of course, a HUGE thanks to everyone who participated in the 2010 Winter Break Challenge. You all did an amazing job at staying active. Without a doubt, collectively we made IDEAS one of the most proactive organizations over the break.

From start to finish, 2010 was the most remarkable year yet for IDEAS. To everyone who made this a reality; we send our Thanks and appreciations and we hope you’ll continue to join us in making our World a better and more sustainable place.

Over & Out,

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