The structure of IDEAS follows the snow-leaf model and allows for a cohesive and sustaining environmental movement. It’s structure is a decentralized and non-hierarchical format, allowing others to use IDEAS as a vehicle for change and a vector to propel their passion through sustainability.


IDEAS Directors
Directors are the foundation of IDEAS that facilitate smooth operations and a successful National organization. They help to develop new projects, programs and chapters, while providing a communication portal for the IDEAS Network.

IDEAS Professionals
This group of professionals provides the movement with communication between intellectuals working in the green industry as a resource to share best practices in sustainability. Through their knowledge, Professionals help to mentor the chapters and provide opportunities for the IDEAS Network as a whole.

IDEAS Leaders
Leaders are the “coaches” of IDEAS chapters. These leaders help to build and create new IDEAS chapters at different universities and communities across the World. They help to facilitate internal and external relationships in the community, as well as coordinate with the different ‘Fellows’ and their IDEAS projects at their particular chapter.

IDEAS Fellows
Fellows are “facilitators” of IDEAS.  They are in charge of turning their “ideas” into action through the IDEAS chapter network and providing activities for the movement. By working with the IDEAS Leaders on each campus, they could help to use our partners, resources and member base to propel their idea into a successful initiative across the Nation.

IDEAS Members
Members make up the movement across all campuses and communities.  Members are an official part of a particular IDEAS chapter who take action and help to support the ideas and initiatives enforced by the chapter Leaders and Fellows.

IDEAS Affiliates 
Affiliates are any organization, non-profit or business who adhere to the standards of the Triple Bottom Line of Sustainability and incorporates the Social, Economic and Environmental aspects throughout their operations. Affiliates work with IDEAS to provide the network with resources, donations and solutions to facilitate the movement throughout the community.


If you are interested in becoming an official part of the IDEAS Team, please email us at:

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