Bike-powered Blender Stirs Up Awareness at TEDxUF

UF1  Screen Shot 2013-04-09 at 1.18.45 PM

TedXUF was all about pursing passion this past year, and people surely showed their passion about our bike-powered ice cream blending machine! We got there and set up before the doors opened for the Lab. We quickly started setting up our table, making sure that our name I.D.E.A.S. for UF was seen in a memorable light.
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At around 10am people started trickling and they were really surprised when they realized that the blender was powered by the bike! I’m not sure if some just thought it was a decorative item, but their delight was obvious when we said they could pick out their ice cream mix ins. Before the talks began, we started getting a massive rush of TedX visitors who wanted to try out the bike. I could barely keep up with taking pictures, but I did get a good amount of them.


421850_551716854860863_1683708339_n 45782_551717124860836_1375144800_n

Before we knew it, we ran out of ice cream and all the toppings right around the lunch break; and we had to put in water with sprinkles to keep showing off the blending power of the bike. All in all, we didn’t anticipate having over 1000 people try out our bike, but the passion this time around was easy to see. It is always great to show off innovative ideas for the future. We hope to be out again next year!

Jennifer Winter

One response to “Bike-powered Blender Stirs Up Awareness at TEDxUF

  1. kikurwe Bbaale Earnest

    wow!!! this is something his hard to think about or even imagine yet it is true. Thanx to IDEAS,for such would have been trendy technology that would have missed out on such a classy platform. Thank you, Earnest, Uganda

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